DATAVIEW 2011 Workshop page

The Second International Workshop on Data Visualization and Integration on the Web (DATAVIEW 2011) will take place as satellite event of ECOWS 2011 in Lugano, Switzerland. The Conference will be held from September 14 to September 16, 2011.

The workshop will take place on September 14, 2011 (Program).

The conference program is available here.


Goal of the workshop

Recent years witnessed a proliferation of data providers available on the Web, especially in the form of Web services. This trend is associated with the increasing availability of a wide spectrum of high-level data integration tools - such as mash-up platforms - that enabled users to develop novel applications and business scenario. As the richness and value of data increases, applications must provide users with visualizations and interaction paradigms that leverage properties such as the underlying data relationships, source type, provenance, and quality. This is a major change of paradigm with respect to traditional documents integration and navigation, as the interaction with data object repositories proved to be a challenging task for application developers.

At this purpose, cross fertilization between different disciplines is mandatory: existing approaches for Web service engineering, integration and composition should be merged with data visualization and interaction methodologies at the purpose of identifying the best interaction and visualization paradigms on data-centric Web Services

The goal of the DATAVIEW 2011 workshop is to gather researchers and practitioners in the diverse fields related to the integration, interaction and visualization of data to explore the feasibility of using and combining different approaches to create effective data-centric Web-service based applications.

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